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Big Brother wants to limit sales of high-alc beer

My fellow friends in Tennessee please click this link to read about the newest piece of legislation aimed at limiting our beer choices.  Click here to read the summary on SB 2167 Click here to read the summary on HB 2783 You can make a difference by contacting your legislator via this link.

Think Spring! Think Saison!

I am not a fan of cold weather (I honestly think I could sip Berliner Weisse at the beach everyday).  So my latest brew session I was thinking Springtime for 2 reasons: I needed something dry/crisp on tap to enjoy outside when the weather warms up and I needed to brew something wild or funky…

Russian River Talks a New Beer, Their Coolship, “Sonambic” and Future Beatification Blends

Just about a month ago Russian River Brewing hit us with these 2 huge bits of news. First was the releases of Beatification batches 4 and 5…but I thought the neatest news was the installation of a “Coolship” (a shallow pan used to cool wort while inoculating the wort with natural yeasts and other microbes). So on…

Chris White On The New Funky and Sour offerings from White Labs in 2012

2012 is about to get even funkier! White Labs released their revised seasonal strain “Platinum Series” schedule and it includes 2 NEW funky offerings PLUS 2 funky fan favorites (say that 10 times fast) are going year round. (You already know one from this post last month) I love news like this. Changing their release…

A Message From Cantillon About The Brussels Gueuze Museum

A few days ago this message hit my inbox from Jean Van Roy of Cantillon  in regards to The Brussels Gueuze Museum … I thought I would pass it along. He asks that you contact him at this link with any questions.  Message to our loyal members and to all fans of Cantillon Brewery!  Like every year…

Yazoo “Fortuitous”…A Conversation With Linus Hall

It’s kind of a convoluted story About 9 years ago when I was first learning to brew I remember hearing about this new brewery planning to open in Nashville. A guy I worked with knew I liked good beer so he told me about his buddy Linus who also knew how to brew beer. Well…

News from White Labs on WLP670 American Farmhouse Blend

Back in September I posted this article on WLP670 American Farmhouse Blend. It’s a farmhouse yeast strain and Brettanomyces blend all in 1, most likely strains from The Lost Abbey. I (like many others) was a big fan of this blend and used it in 2 beers which turned out great. Sadly a number of brewers missed…

Batch 4 and Batch 5 Beatification soon plus RR is installing a new Coolship!

CHECK OUT THE BIG NEWS BELOW on RUSSIAN RIVER BEATIFICATION RELEASES (Can anyone help me get a bottle?) Russian River Brewing Company: Holiday Greetings From Russian River!. ….and don’t forget about my interview earlier this year with Vinnie! 

Sour Beers — Review –

Nice to see sour and wild beers getting more attention…. Sour Beers — Review –

The Season Of Sharing

This is the time of year when many people tend to be more generous and spending more time together celebrating a holiday or just celebrating the year. In many cases this means opening up that special bottle of beer in your cellar or spending a few extra bucks on a bottle you wouldn’t normally buy….