Big Brother wants to limit sales of high-alc beer

My fellow friends in Tennessee please click this link to read about the newest piece of legislation aimed at limiting our beer choices.  Click here to read the summary on SB 2167 Click here to read the summary on HB 2783 You can make a difference by contacting your legislator via this link.

The Season Of Sharing

This is the time of year when many people tend to be more generous and spending more time together celebrating a holiday or just celebrating the year. In many cases this means opening up that special bottle of beer in your cellar or spending a few extra bucks on a bottle you wouldn’t normally buy….

“Just call it a Belgian”

“Just call it a Belgian” or “Well add some fruit flavoring to it and now you have a Kriek.” I have heard those lines from some seemingly smart beer people. Poor things don’t realize how ignorant those statements are. There is a big difference between a Sour beer and a beer that is sour. Not to…